Anyone and everyone can make a mandala. It is fun!   

Absolutely no prior art experience is required FOR OUR WORKSHOPS.

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Create and explore the magical art of mandalas in a fun and nurturing workshop making your own 45cm diameter mandala in rich, vibrant colour in a day! We supply and use Jo Sonja Acrylics, and other high quality art products. Groups are small with lots of individual attention, support and guidance. Even if you do not have a creative bone in your body you can do this. I guarantee it.

What if your body is contained in your soul? Making mandalas at an art retreat

What if your body is contained in your soul? Making mandalas at an art retreat


DATES 2017

  • Sunday March 19
  • Sunday April 23
  • Sunday May 21
  • Sunday June 18
  • Sunday July 23
  • Sunday August 20
  • Sunday October 8

TIME: 9am - 5pm

VENUE: 33 Fairholm Grove, Camberwell

WHAT TO BRING: Your creative self and an old shirt or apron to protect your clothes. Please bring a lunch to share as this adds to the occasion.

BOOK & PAY :  $185

*BONUS: Karen offers an individual interpretation of each Mandala in these workshops only.

*Loyalty discount of $30 to those coming to further classes

CONTACT:  E-mail

We invite you to experience some 'Mandala Magic' because we see that within everyone is a creative being just waiting to express itself. Have fun!


Students need to complete a one-day-wonder to qualify for classes at the Upwey studio.

Numbers strictly limited to 6 per class. Bookings essentia

THURSDAY EVENINGS    7pm to 9 pm                                    

DATE: April 20 - May 11 (4 weeks)

BOOK & PAY  $140 includes materials. 

CONTACT:  E-mail
Phone (03) 9754 4811 leave message


THURSDAY MORNINGS  9. 30 am 12.30 pm                                                           

DATE: April 20 - May 11 (4 weeks x 3 hour sessions)     

BOOK & PAY   $ 180 includes materials.                   

CONTACT:  E-mail
Phone (03) 9754 4811 leave message


Be inspired to create amazing andmeaningful art at 33 Fairholm Grove, Camberwell

FRIDAY MORNINGS 9.30 – 12.30

DATE: April 21 - June 9

INVESTMENT: $344 ( 8 weeks includes all materials)

BOOK and PAY - PHONE Helen 9882 2611 Camberwell Community Center

Please note that there is an additional joining fee $10 for the Community Center.


DATE: 21 April - 9 June

INVESTMENT: $254 (8 weeks) includes materials

BOOK and PAY - PHONE Helen 9882 2611 Camberwell Community Center

Please note that there is an additional joining fee $10 for the Community Center.


DATE: Saturday & Sunday MAY 6 & 7 BOOKING NOW! Limited numbers. Small group.

TIME: 9.30 am – 4pm

VENUE: 33 Fairholm Grove, Camberwell.

Learn the how, what, where, when and why of mandalas and how they impact positively on the lives of others in this special two day workshop.

Become a 'Mandala Master' by identifying and connecting with your unique skills and talents discovering what you have to offer others to improve their well being.

I will share key principles from a wide range of resources and 20 years of personal experience of working with this fascinating art form.
We will explore techniques, course plans, and methods of getting the best for your clients.

Be prepared to be involved and bring an old shirt or apron. This is an experiential workshop where you will be ‘doing’ as well as listening, discussing and learning……..
Your hands will guide you and we will have fun being and creating with others with complimentary interests, ideas and experiences.
Your mind will think about -

  • How do I create my own course and vision with mandalas?
  • What are my special creative skills and how can I share them?
  • Do I have to be an artist?
  • What materials do need?                                                                                                                                   
  • Who will will best benefit what I have to offer?                                                                                
  • What would my fee structure be?

And more ...

To support this course, I have written a very comprehensive large manual which you will take with you, giving you a reference to material and content for running your own successful mandala art workshops.

Bookings essential. $500 deposit required.

BOOK & PAY   $1500

Inquiry or booking
or leave message on Phone 9754 4811

Written by the 2015 group - 'Mandala Masters' are dedicated to the sharing of the ancient art and knowledge of mandala making; the spreading of the inner wisdom, the magic that this unique process has to offer. They continually explore what mandalas are, ways they can be created, and how to facilitate and guide others to discover the power of these unique symbols by connecting them to the creative force. They know that in being creative we find our potential, awaken our inner self and discover our personal power.


DATE: Wednesday May 17
TIME: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
BOOK & PAY $65 per person

VENUE: Upwey - address on booking                                                                                                                            


In this fun workshop use art to relax, focus and become mindful.
Color speaks to us, expresses different emotions and messages and the mandala is a perfect tool to utilize this way of relating. Express yourself through color and explore your inner world.
Karen will give detailed individual interpretations on each mandala.
No art experience required.
Materials and handouts included.


Be innovative. Take a creative approach to enhance, improve and make a healthier work environment. Karen will design and facilitate art based workshops to suit the requirements of your business and your staff.

Karen has worked with many corporations and businesses providing personal and professional development programs for the promotion of well being, relaxation, team bonding, conflict resolution, and integration.

Everyone benefits from a healthy work environment.

or leave message on Phone 9754 4811

REFUND POLICY refunds on workshop bookings are not available, however if you cannot attend the class you are more than welcome to send someone in your place.

Mandala making is all about the process and not the finished article.

Children making a 'harmony mandala'.

Children making a 'harmony mandala'.

Mandalas can be created to celebrate a special event. Working together brings about connection on many different levels.

Every image, line and colour is a symbol relevant to the journey that each mandala represents.




Individual, unique - mandalas tell our own story in a visual form.

Mandalas in the work place create links between people, ideas and attitudes. It is a creative approach that brings about unity.

Trees are universal symbols of connection.Connection to each other, to life, to the earth to the heavenly realms. We are cyclic creatures living in a cyclic world and the tree signifies the cycles of existence.

Mandalas depict our unique way of expressing what we know deep within. They represent connection and wholeness and how within that we are our own person.

49a Spiders Web.jpg

Spider web mandalas clearly demonstrate connection.


Every eye is different, unique, personal. It holds the pattern of who we are in a beautiful mandala.




“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It