Karen, your Workshop opened a door to my creative expression which had been closed for a very long time. I had not used paint and canvas before, however, your guidance encouraged and challenged me to just ‘go for it.’ It’s given me a new perspective and begun a new phase of my life. Thank you.

Mary 2015

I can't tell you enough how much I loved your work shop. It is the best treat for my self ... Every time after creating a mandala I feel I have healed some another part with in my self ... the work shops have helped me to understand what I want to create in my life, now!! It amazing. I remember during the reading my mandalas I was crying , however in the last twoI am in a different state ... I feel healed and the mandala journey really help me to be where I am now ...

It is a blessing - I'm so happy that now I'm doing this for my self and other people creating and playing in this beautiful process...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys .


"I loved every minute of yesterday... from the anticipation of coming alone, to not knowing what to draw, moving away from what I had initially thought I would draw (a buddha and lotus) to ending up with something completely different, to meeting such wonderful people and eating all that yummy food (I am still dreaming about that lemon meringue pie!), to that wonderful interpretation by Karen and hearing somethings that I needed to hear ..... it was the BEST DAY EVER!!! "


"... a wonderful day. I keep looking at my Mandala with awe, I find it hard to believe that I created it.  My mind is swirling with Mandala ideas and I was acutely aware of natures Mandala patterns as I drove to work today.    I am so full of ideas for Mandala creations and can’t wait to start.My protractors, rulers and pencils are being dusted off and brought out to the sunlight. "

Phillipa Bourke

I have been finding that since the weekend it is like a floodgate has opened on my imagination - even my dreams are really extravagant and detailed. I can't stop thinking about the weekend and how I feel so opened up and relieved of stress. I just hope I can keep it going......

Marie Salinger

A great weekend retreat, I had a great time & could feel lots of positive energy/vibes, it was very spiritual and I felt really calm afterwards. I was left dreaming of painting butterflies.

Juanita Deed

"I sit in our study, surrounded by the 6 mandalas that I painted at your classes.  As I am sure is quite common, I found my way to you during a very difficult patch in my life, and the mandalas, the painting, the community, the interpretations, and the beautiful, accepting energy of the two of you helped me heal in so many ways. I wanted to write to you to thank you both, most sincerely and wholeheartedly, for the beautiful moments of holding and encouragement you provided, via your classes. I will forever feel enriched by them, and my beautiful mandalas will serve as a reminder."

Carly Schrever

I was blessed 2 go 2 a Mandala workshop i loved every minute of the day. Karen & Gary are wonderful so helpful & motivating

Lynn Whitford

Mandala One day workshop are Amazing!!! and so are Gary and Karen. Thank you for the best experience time and time again. looking forward to doing another workshop soon

Natalie Auden

 Simply put, a magical, transformative and nurturing experience. Totally supported and spoilt by two very generous and talented teachers.

Tina Gartland

I have just had the absolute pleasure of spending a day making mandala magic. It truly was a very special day. I love my artwork & am very grateful to Karen & Gary for sharing their talent & awsomeness with us to create the most perfect day. Highly recommend.

Mel Deefholts

Thank you Karen and Gary for providing the perfect setting for reflection and inspiring me to have a go. It was a wonderful day.

Sandra Deovelaar

I took my mandala to mum and dad's today to show them my artwork from the weekend. They asked me if Karen had done a reading like the last time and when I told them my mum started to cry and my dad looked pretty pleased that he got a mention. My mum got up and picked up a piece of paper that was on the bench and handed it to me. It was a short poem that she had bought titled My Dad and it says:

If I ever climb the ladder that leads up to success

and find there all the things that make for peace and happiness;

I hope I never forget that you helped me so well to fare,

That I stepped up each succeeding rung

Because you laid it there

Pretty interesting that Karen spoke of my dad, the ladder, the rungs, peace and happiness......Makes you think.


I had so much fun in Bali with Karen and Gary on their excellent art retreat 2013. The program was busy but balanced with time to myself and time to do some sightseeing. I was very satisfied with what was offered and felt that I got good value.

It was my first time in Bali and Ubud which is a very beautiful place. The guest house was superb with surrounding views and in a good location close to the rice fields. I felt safe and the owner, his family and all staff were very nice and friendly.I loved the great food selection in Ubud. There are so many good (and clean) restaurants.

The group participants were very nice - all very kind and helpful and we became friends in very short time. I certainly will do this tour again and will bring my husband with me.

Wirat Sukprem

The (Bali) mandala class inspired me a lot and I think I am already addicted to mandalas. Without your generosity, teaching, sharing, inspiring... It will be difficult for me to enjoy the creation of mandala. Thank you again.


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It