IT reflects and creates an inclusive sense of community.

Mandala Magic art projects are specifically designed for groups to explore, express and discover 'community' through art expression and record that experience.

Artist in Residence brings my art experience and expertise into schools to encourage students to create collaborative projects and produce amazing art.

Mandalas exploring leadership

25 young people came together to experience the art of mandalas, to express the unique qualities that each had to offer, and to work as individuals and then as part of a team. By recognizing individual strengths and qualities they revealed that they were more able to help others, set examples and become leaders in the wider community.
As a group they offered the mandalas that they created integrating them into a large mandala to represent that we are all a part of the 'bigger picture'. Each person is a valuable contributor to our society.

Forgotten Australians

The first two mandalas were created by Shelly G. The five other images were created by some of the the 500,000 Forgotten Australians. The  portrait of the child in pieces is symbolic of  a 'broken up childhood' perhaps one of growing up in an institution during that time. The mandala process provided a way to approach the puzzle of  putting the pieces back in order to regain a sense of wholeness. Please see website for Forgotten Australians.


Coonara Community House

Created by many hands of community members aged 12 to 78 , from diverse cultural backgrounds, this mosaic mural welcomes all to Coonara, house a place of learning and community support.


Grade 4 and some grade 5 students a Lilydale West Primary School were selected to create a large mosaic mandala (3 meters diameter) to represent the relationship between students and their world, suitable to blend in with a garden in six weeks.

Students chose images to represent concepts and explored their ideas before creating the design. The project ‘grew’. Each week saw new ideas and further developments demonstrating a greater field of creative expression and exploration.

The Mandala was blessed by an Indigenous Elder and a Tibetan Lama in the opening ceremony.

ARTIST BY INVITATION – Wantirna Secondary College 2007, 2008 and 2009

Karen has been the guest speaker and visiting artist of the year 10 program for the second half of this year. This is an exploratory art and personal expression program involving 25 students at a time. Each student creates a 50cm diameter mandala, over a series of weeks representing their individual passion – what is motivational and inspirational.


Nine schools, both primary and secondary were involved in this project to paint a large wall mandala mural, and a set of mandalas (stepping stones) to represent the different cultural backgrounds of students from this area.

Designs and symbolism were selected by the participants.

  • The ‘stepping stones’- 12 of differing sizes - show the diversity of pathways which we can follow to get to our destination.
  • The wall mural depicts the world surrounded by hand prints with different flags in the palms. They represent the cultural experience and knowledge that each person brings and offers to this centre. 

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It