Mandala magic has taken us on many adventures, both in the greater world and in the world within ourselves.

Through mandalas we have connected to thousands of people opening and expanding our hearts and inspiring us with the desire to give. 

Many drops of water make a big ocean.

Mandala Magic has joined others to contribute to the wellbeing for those less fortunate. Through the kindness and generosity of every person even the smallest gesture makes the world is a better place.
Donations of money, time and energy, have brought some BIG smiles and many happy hearts.
What begins as a small offering can grow into substantial support for those in need. A helping hand, like ripples in a pond radiates outwards to reach many.

What and who we support –

Australia –

  • Rotary Club
  • Royal Children's Hospital
  • Seeing Eye Dogs
  • Yooralla
  • Donation for 'Rebalance the Globe
  • Local CFA2015 Open gardens with Elly & Leon Roos raised $4700.00

India –

  • Education, full board and lodging of Indian girl (Muslim) in Bodh Gaya
  • Purchase of bicycle so that she can ride to school
  • Education, uniform and books for 5 children (Hindu) in Sarnath, India at the education center known as The Red Kangaroo in India
  • Support and educate an Indian boy in Orissa State, India (7 years) through Plan
  • 'OUR HOME' – (donation) a permanent home for homeless kids in Kerala, South India.
  • Purchase of sewing machines for the Kusula centre
  • Laptops x 2 for Kusula centre for women and children, Bihar, India
  • Laptop to support education of youth in Dharamsala, India

India has the largest illiterate population in the world. Caste disparities, gender discrimination (40% of girls drop out at secondary level) shortages of qualified teachers and absolute poverty are contributing factors.
It is very encouraging to know that five sponsored girls graduated from the Sarnath Village School and commenced BA degrees. They have been given an extraordinary chance in life.

It costs only a $185 a year to sponsor a child – something that changes a whole life!  


Nepal –

  • Support 12 young monks, education and full board (Buddhist) in Nepal
  • Manjushri Di-Chen Buddhist Learning Centre
  • Support Mirge Village in Nepal with education, food, and other needs


Some ways in which we have raised funds or supported people :-


  • Dinner by Donation - $1500 Dinner at Mandala magic Studios
  • Open Gardens with neighbours Elly & Leon Roos raised $4700 for the CFA
  • Coonara House selling jewelery and accessories $ 1200 n 2011 $2000 +
  • Coonara Book Club – $55 Karen did a talk on Children at risk in the East
  • Participants in Mandala magic tours $1000 +
  • Personal donations from students of Mandala Magic $500 plus
  • Royal Children's Hospital – framed icon painting for auction value to $500
  • Rotary Club, Upwey – workshop voucher for value of $175
  • Donating art works to different charities
  • Personal donations
  • Purchasing goods and supporting programs that protect children
  • Purchase of goods from women with micro loans to establish small businesses
  • Support eco friendly tourism and use facilities that employ local people in Asia
  • Giving informal talks in schools on humanitarian issues in countries we visit
  • Selling of handcrafts, jewelery, textiles and clothes to raise funds.

For charity work that we support  ALL monies raised go directly to the children or cause. There are no administrative fees deducted. The cost of money transfers is included (usually $35) or we take and deliver the money, goods or services personally.


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It