I began with a dream to share my experience and knowledge of mandalas and creative art expression to bring about well being and wholeness . Now after 17 years of facilitating mandala workshops and working with the creative spirit, my dream, like the circle that expands from a central dot, continues.

My life has been changed by mandalas and I have seen how this art form has a positive effect on hundreds of others.

Karen Scott is a professional artist and the founder and Director of Mandala Magic which has been operating for more than 17 years.

Through Mandala Magic she shares her passion, experience and knowledge of being creative; of utilizing art to discover a depth of acceptance, connection and meaningfulness. She believes that, art lets us feel, be real and heal. It is the art in our heART.

Mandala Magic specializes in facilitating and organizing Art Retreats both nationally and internationally.

Karen is also a tour guide and designer of boutique 'journey' tours. She has lived in India for 4 years, opened a Hospital for Tibetan Refugees and traveled extensively.

Karen teaches nationally accredited Personal Effective Training courses and conducts Train the Trainer programs for Mandala Art Therapy and Soul Journaling.

For 16 years she has worked with art in numerous Educational Institutions, Psychiatric Hospitals, Government departments, the ‘not for profit’ sector, Corporate Business; with Health Practitioners, Teachers, individual clients and other professionals.


Together we offer a variety of workshops, art retreats and travel experiences that we design specially for well being, discovery and just to have FUN. We support others on their journey sharing our experiences and knowledge through travel, meditation and working with art. We specialize in mandalas which is a creative way to discover wholeness.

And, we know that within everyone lives a creative spirit trying to find a space in our busy world to express itself.







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Gary Scott has been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness techniques for many years.  For seven years he lived and studied under appointed teachers of the Dalai Lama in India exploring the Buddhist tradition of meditation and philosophy at the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives.  He also spent 1 year at Sera Monastery well known for philosophical debate about Buddhist teachings. 

Gary is present at many of Karen's workshops offering support and guidance to participants.  He also provides meditation programs for Mandala Magic teaching simple and easy to use techniques that can be practiced on a day to day basis.  These practices will assist participants to truly tap into their inner voice and guiding energy. 






“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Albert Einstein, The World As I See It